why do basketball player wear mask

When an NBA player starts wearing a mask, they become the center of attention. We frequently ponder, “why do basketball player wear mask ?” It simply seems too uncomfortable to play in.

why do basketball player wear mask
Lakers at Wizards March 7, 2012

Why do NBA players don masks? In order to protect their previously injured nose or face, players wear masks. The mask works similarly to a helmet in that it shields the face from further damage to the broken bone. Wearing a protective mask is the only way a doctor will approve a player to play basketball.

When a top player wears a face mask, it attracts a lot of attention. We’ll look at the players that have worn them in the past and at some purchasing choices in case you need to get one for yourself due to a facial injury.

why do basketball player wear mask and Where Did It All Start?

Basketball players had several facial injuries even back in the 1980s.

Players with facial injuries had two choices: wait it out in the crowd or sit on the sidelines until the game was over; the other was to wear a mask, whether it fit or not.

As straightforward as that may sound, athletes who intended to make their contributions count in every game found it demoralizing to chill in the stands or on the bench.

The second remedy that appeared to complicate injuries was the “one-size-fits-all” mask, which made face injuries in those who it didn’t fit worse.

Now that the players are donning transparent masks, things are different. Basketball players that wear masks put in a lot of effort and are resilient enough to play through an injury. An obvious mask is therefore more like a badge of honor.

Reasons Why Basketball Players Wear Masks

Here are the top three justifications for mask use among athletes:

Playing with a face injury

It can be very challenging to avoid getting elbowed frequently when playing. The impact may result in facial injuries such as a broken cheekbone or nose. In order to shield the injured area and prevent further damage, the mask is used. For instance, Mike Conley donned a mask to hasten the healing of a fractured facial bone.

For Security

Basketball players who use face masks for protection think it’s better to avoid injuries than to sustain them, which is a positive move.

To Speak Out Against the Court

Fans and rivals have diverse interpretations of what it signifies when players wear masks on the court. The admirers think it’s cool. And it appears scary to a foe. Since Kobe went from a clear to a black face mask in 2012, it shouldn’t be difficult to grasp how he managed to steal the show.

Famous Basketball Players That Wore Masks

Here is a rundown of several basketball players who were serious about the mask:

Bryant, Kobe

Kobe arrived at the floor while wearing a mask. When he did, the mask brought in more than $50,000.

McGrady, Tracy

Because he had been elbowed in the face in 2006 and wanted to recover quickly, Tracy was left with no choice but to choose the mask.

King James

Face masks were worn by LeBron on various occasions while he was hurt. He wore the mask so frequently, from the Cavaliers to the Heat, that he believed he ought to liven things up a bit.

 Instead of the customary clear mask, he was donning a black one. He was given the moniker “dark knight” for it.

Richard Westbrook

Andre Robinson, one of Russell’s teammates, unintentionally kneed him in the face as he was working his magic on the court. To hasten the healing process, Russel was forced to wear a transparent mask. Fortunately, he was able to use his disguise to score 49 points in one game.

Hamilton, Rip

Rip needed the mask more than ever because he had broken his nose three times. You can refer to Rip as the “Godfather of the Mask” because, even after recovering from his injuries, he felt compelled to guard against additional harm for the remainder of his career.

Embiid, Joel

In 2018, Joel collided with Markelle Fultz, a teammate. Damage from the incident necessitated surgery to repair. He had to put on a face mask after the procedure to hasten his recuperation.

Theo Paul

During the 2011–2012 season, Chris sustained a nasal injury against San Antonio Spurs opponent Danny Green. After that, Chris used a face mask for many weeks to recover.

Getting a face mask is the best course of action if you were hurt on the court. Additionally, you can wear it to shield yourself from potential damage. Additionally, it might hasten the healing process.

Wearing a mask has the advantage of making you appear cool to your supporters and threatening to your opponent.

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