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Spalding 50 Inch Portable Basketball System Reviews 2020

The Spalding 50-inch portable basketball system is very useful for you if you want to play basketball but have no place to put the hoop. The portable basketball has an independent structure that allows you to place the hoop wherever you want or even take it for the holidays. It is a system that you can easily assemble, does not require many tools, and the weight of its structure is average.

Portable Basketball Hoops are necessary if you do not want to embed a hoop in the wall of the house or do not have space. It’s easy to put the basketball hoop in front of your home to start playing with your friends for hours. If you plan to go on vacation to the lake, you can also take the basketball system although you must have enough space.

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Spalding 50 Inch Portable Basketball System Reviews

Spalding 50 Inch Portable Basketball System Reviews

With a portable basketball hoop, you can practice the sport without limits, even when you hit a great play. There are several types of portable Spalding basketball with different inches in the board’s size and the material used in it. By the inches of the board, you will also know the volume of the base in each basketball hoop according to your tastes.

The 50-inch basketball hoop has a glass frame that is a very durable material. It is a portable hoop that will last you many years, enjoying a solid structure that allows you to practice daily. The portable ring has functionality and other very good features with which you will be able to distract yourself from playing among friends and get to know them:


Each portable basketball hoop has special features that will allow you to have a pleasant gaming experience with friends. You must purchase this for being a standard size with measurements smaller than traditional basketball. With a maximum height of 2.50m on the rim, you will enjoy an incredible gaming experience, in addition to that you can find other features:

  • Backboard

The 50-inch hoop is very attractive and is below a traditional 70-inch dash. You will play like a professional with a board similar to that of the NBA leagues but with a length not so wide. You need the 50-inch board because it is a nice size where you can basket from any distance using it as a support.

Side shots are easy. If you have 50 inches on the board, you will hit the target when you play. Headshots are filled with bliss so large that you have two options: hit with the backboard or score. For many basketball experts, this is good for beginners and other sports fans.

  • Base

The base is of great importance for basketball hoop, it is the heart of the product, and with it, you improve it. With a 50-inch board, you need a solid base, stable enough so that the rim doesn’t tilt. These bases are stable and require you to put extra weight on them with area bags or water containers.

A tip given by professionals in basketball notebooks is that you can put gel on the water to strengthen the base. The base gel in the water serves to give you solidity to the water creating a kind of solid composition. With extra support at the base, you will allow the structure to last longer in any exposed climate.

  • Height and Pole

The height of the different types of Spalding 50-inch portable basketball system is approximately 10 feet or 3 meters. The height is adjustable according to how you want, although the minimum is 2.40 meters or 8 feet in height for children. It is a pretty professional basket, and you can purchase the LifetimeCourt Front, which is one of the best on the market.

The post is a very resistant anti-rust cylinder that will last in all the weather you expose for years. The base cylinder diameter does not exceed 100mm, and the size cylinder is reduced to 80mm in diameter. The pole is a very attractive black color that matches the whole design of the board, ring, and net

  • Assemble

When you buy it, you need to assemble it very carefully, following its instructions inside the box. Many people believe that the 50-inch basketball system assembly has very detailed instructions for assembling the product. The only detail that the Spalding 50 inch portable basketball system’s instructions have is that it simplifies the assembly of many parts.

You must apply a lot of common sense to assemble each piece of the basketball notebook, but in general, it is very easy. The tools that will help you in the assembly and disassembly of the hoop are a screwdriver, a pressure pliers, etc. Some quality basketball notebooks have all the extra tools for you to assemble it in a few minutes, you will need help in the process.


Among the specifications of the Spalding 50-inch portable basketball system LifeTimeCourt Front you will find the following:

  • The board is 50 inches at each end of the hoop
  • It has a height of 2.40m up to 3 meters as you require it
  • The base is uncovered and with a reduced size, it gives a lot of stability, it has 34 gallons in its structure
  • The ring diameter does not exceed 450mm
  • The board is made of polycarbonate, and the ring is made of solid steel
  • To change the size it has a simple system that even your children can do without problems
  • The board is not bolted, it has a structure where it hangs from the main post 18 inches away

Pros and Cons

The LifetimeCourt is the board you need to play basketball with your friends or even your children. Know the pros and cons:


  • Affordable price
  • One self-adjusting size for kids and adults
  • 34-gallon solid base
  • Very resistant structure for any climate
  • Simple assembly and disassembly, you can take it wherever you want
  • The structure does not have great weight for its transfer
  • Board built with the best materials
  • Hoop diameter friendly enough to make the most complex shots


  • The minimum height is 2.40 meters, very high for some children
  • The base is solid but limits you in icing on the hoop
  • Dashboard with the dubious system, does not screw to the base
  • Color in your design may fall off when exposed to cold weather
  • Very high price compared to other 50 inch boards

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You must buy a basketball hoop to start your practices in this very entertaining sport. With a basketball hoop, you will improve your game quality and start competing like a professional. You acquire a quality product, and those of 50 inches are useful to have a very solid structure.

Know how efficient the product is and how to assemble it after buying it, a task that will not take you even 1 hour. Portable 50-inch basketball hoops have a system where you increase or decrease your size as you want. The product can be used by young people and adults who want to improve their basketball game from home like a professional.

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