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Lifetime 52 Inch Portable Basketball Hoop Review

Probably, you are here to look for the best 52 inch basketball hoop! But, it is not so easy to find out the best one from a huge number of basketball hoops in today’s market. Don’t worry. We have already done it for you.

Lifetime 52″ Portable Basketball Hoop Review 2020

lifetime 52 portable basketball hoopWe have spent 25 hours on research, and finally, found this Lifetime 52″ Portable Basketball Hoop, as the most reliable and best portable basketball hoop among others. We have chosen it from Lifetime, a famous company for manufacturing quality gaming accessories all across the globe.

In our research session, we have witnessed that this one has lots of eye-catching customer reviews on it. All the reviews are positive. You will be a big fan of this product when you see it’s outstanding features. Also, this model has a great amount of pros and benefits. Want to know all? Here, they are.

Features of Lifetime 52 Inch

Can’t you wait for its features? This lifetime 52 portable basketball hoop comes with loads of incredibly amazing features that make its users satisfied as well as proud. Its features are much more unique than any other basketball hoops in the world.

That’s why it is the most popular and top-selling basketball hoop in the market. During our market research, we have collected all of its features for you to know. Better, let’s take a look at them right now!

Durable Backboard

Look, polycarbonate is the most inexpensive material compared with a tempered and acrylic glass. As a result, it provides a worse rebounding experience, but this one is the firmest and long-lasting.

If the basketball hoop falls on the ground, don’t worry about breaking or shattering as it is well made and firm enough. For this reason, it provides excellent hardness in all-weather and able to endure the hardest elements too!

You already know that this basketball hoop is durable and powerful enough, but if it breaks for some reason, then? If really so, then no worries about it as Lifetime ensures a 5-year limited warranty for you.

The excellent combination of black graphic and the clear polycarbonate backboard makes it looking radiant and seems a pro glass! If you are concern about the graphic, then the good news is that it is printed with UV protected paint, so it will not be fade even you use it for so long.

Quality Rim

The orange color rim comes with double compression springs and helps to protect the hook while dunking action. In modern basketball, the dunking and going over the rim play has become a large part, and you can exercise dunk at home or anywhere anytime when you want it by using this rim.

At the same time, the net hooks are built with steel material and incredibly fit for all weather as they are highly resistant to nylon net.


Generally, an in-ground basketball hoop is hardened with cement, so it swings less, and also, it is hard to move around when it once gets assembling. On the other hand, a portable basketball hoop requires a large amount of sand or water in it for the stable.

It doesn’t come at ease as it takes enough time, even much more than assembling! The filling hole of it sets next, and it means that you will need to turn the whole thing down and stuff in sand or water.

Not as easy as you think, right? Now, look at the two wheels set on the bottom, and the right one is how you drive it into the parking for storage. You know already the capacity of the base is 35 gallons, and it signifies that 35 gallons of sand or water will be filled in, and it betters a lot in the stable.

Hmm, driving 35 gallons of water ahead, it’s not good to imagine, right?

Adjustment Height

This Lifetime 52 portable basketball hoop is well balanced and comes with an integrated lift height adjustment tool. You’ll see a great hand crankset of the pole, and you need to raise it up and down when you want to cope with your own comfortable height.

Its height range from 7.5 to 10 feet in 6 increases. So, our kids can set it at ease according to their needs.

Nice Assemble

You will find the assemble guidance pretty clear. So, take it easy, but you will need to read carefully and should have a partner to help you with some critical points as it is not a work for one person. Also, we have found it out from its customer reviews that the entire assembling takes about 4 to 5 hours!

Great Pole

This basketball hoop has 3 pieces of 3.5-inch square power lift pole. If you want to compare this one with 1 piece or 2 pieces, then you will find the 3-pieces is cheaper than them, but a little bit less firm. Therefore, 3 piece pole is so familiar and popularly used in the most affordable portable basketball hoop.


  • Rim: Slam-It®
  • Base: 35 gallons
  • Pole Sections: 3-Piece
  • Warranty: 5-Year Limited
  • Adjustment Type: Power Lift®
  • All-Weather Net Weight: 70 g
  • Adjustment Increments: Infinite
  • Backboard Size: 52 in. (132,0 cm)
  • Backboard Surface: Polycarbonate
  • Adjustment Range: 7.5 ft. – 10 ft. (2,28 m x 3,04 m)


This 52-inches basketball hoop comes with plenty of pros. All of the running users of the basketball hoop are rating it as the most convenient and stylish one for playing basketball. Undoubtedly, you’ll be a big fan of the basketball hoop, when you know about its marvelous pros.

So, why delay anymore to know them? Let’s go and take a look at its amazing pros below in a row!

  • Incredibly Portable
  • Easy to install procedures
  • Long-lasting and fashionable
  • Amazingly easy to move around
  • The hook comes with high quality
  • The robust nylon net fits for all weather conditions
  • Its 52-inches backboard is Makrolon and practically everlasting
  • Comfortable to adjust the height of this portable basketball system
  • The 35-gallons capacity base can be filled with water or sand to keep it in the right place
  • Every part is well made and has an additional layer of durability for four-season robustness


It’s so tough to figure out a single con of this basketball hoop! Yes, exactly, it is. Most of the users of the hoop are so happy with its excellent quality and have found it as the best and impressive one for them. But one thing we can share with you about the basketball hoop that is:

  • Its price is a little bit of higher

Benefits Lifetime 52″ System

The benefits of this model are beggar’s description! Definitely, this basketball hoop will give you marvelous gaming interests. It comes with impressive advantages like it is super easy to adjust, long-lusting, reduces injury chances, ensures quality basketball moments, and more.

Better, we take a look at them now!

Sturdy And Smooth: If you are looking for a sturdy and smooth basketball hoop then, it’s the best one ever of the market. This hoop is powerful enough and can get a lot of dunking, swinging, and hanging without any bending of its rim. It looks impressive and makes you feel great while playing the game.

Easy to adjust: Another great benefit of the hoop is its easiness in adjustment. Yes, you can lower or raise the hoop according to your necessities. That’s why it is one of the best and most popular basketball hoops for young children among all.

Excellent customer service: Though the hoop is robust and durable enough, if it is damaged or broken for some reason, then don’t worry for a single moment because its customer service is as quick to respond as you fast to reach them.

Reduces Injury chances: This Lifetime hoop comes with comfort as well as a robust pad around the base of the backboard. It helps you to keep yourself safe and away from accidental contacts. Also, its protective coating reduces the chances of any type of injury while playing.

Great integrity system: This basketball hoop is not only excellent for kids but also it’s a perfect hoop for adults because of its conducive integrity system. Due to its high-quality integrity system, you can play most of the games and practices on it without any difficulties.

Final Verdict:

We are at the bottom line! Hope you have understood all the information we shared above and found our best 52 inch basketball hoop review convenient for you! Most probably, you’ve gotten your favorite one, and now you are on the way to make it as yours!

You can keep trust in our review because we didn’t allow any wrong information in the above discussion as we have spent enough time on research. To assure you the best quality basketball hoop at your budget among the hundreds of pieces of the market was the purpose of our review.

Finally, you have gotten the right one! Great. Still, if you have any questions or confusion on this basketball hoop, then leave a comment below. We will reach you soon.

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