how to break in basketball shoes

It’s exciting to purchase new basketball shoes. Many basketball players are eager to start breaking in their new shoes on the court straight away. The issue is that the shoes arrive directly from the factory and spend weeks or even months in a package.

You may break in basketball sneakers by using them for 10 to 15 minutes of gentle exercise each day. The first 15 minutes after buying them may feel stiff, and they may even leave you with blisters.

In this post, we’ll walk you through the process of breaking in new basketball shoes.

How To Break In New Basketball Shoes

Basketball sneakers need time to break in. It cannot be accomplished in a single day. Here are the procedures you should follow to break in new basketball sneakers.

You need to make sure the shoe fits comfortably before we begin.

Before wearing your sneakers to a basketball game or practice for the first time, you should first break them in with some light exercise.

Condition your feet and ankles with high-top basketball socks or even plain ones from the shop before you put on your shoes for the first time to play basketball. Basketball is a hard activity, and wearing new shoes without any support increases the risk of blisters.

Your brand-new basketball shoes will first be rather stiff and require some breaking in. Avoid attempting to ‘break them in’ quickly by playing aggressive basketball right away.

You can wear your basketball sneakers to practice or games once you’ve broken them in and worked them out for 10 to 15 minutes.

Never wear socks and play for more than 15 minutes straight in your shoes before wearing them once (for socks or even regular sneakers). If the shoe is overly tight, it may result in foot blisters.

Light exercise, such as strolling around a mall or getting coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts, will help the shoe conform more easily and gradually stretch out. Make sure you are wearing high-top basketball socks that support your ankles if you are performing this while wearing socks (not regular dress socks). ​

If you intend to play basketball in them, you should take a quick stroll to break them in.

Instead, you should wear your new shoes for 10-15 minutes of modest activity.

As a result, the shoe will be able to mold to your feet and eventually expand out. You don’t want blisters on your foot right away from wearing extremely tight basketball shoes.

Wait another 5–6 minutes before substituting them for the following session and game if they even appear to be slightly tight. Basketball shoes that are excessively tight might immediately result in blisters on your feet, so you should avoid wearing them at first.

This is the time to make sure your feet and ankles are in good shape before playing in your new basketball shoes.

Why Do Basketball Shoes Hurt My Feet?

If they are excessively tightly laced or brand new, basketball sneakers might injure your feet. Additionally, if they are too large for your feet or you have weak ankles, they may be uncomfortable.

If the shoes are brand-new, be sure to allow them some time to break in before playing in them. When you initially take them out of the box at the store, try them on for size, but wait to play in them until your ankles and feet have been properly trained. Otherwise, this will result in blisters.

If playing basketball hurts your ankles, you might consider wearing an ankle brace to assist prevent injury. Consult a doctor for more choices if this doesn’t relieve your basketball-related pain. Without the assistance of medical professionals or physical therapists, it can be challenging to resolve and frequently recurs.

Do Basketball Shoes Loosen Up?

The more you use them and exercise in them, the more they do loosen up. Before the basketball shoes are truly broken in, it would take 5–10 workout sessions if you purchased them straight from the store.

Once the basketball shoes are purchased, all that’s left to do is walk for 15 minutes. But before you buy them, try them on for size, then wait to play in them until your feet are warmed up.

This will enable your shoes to gradually stretch out and mold to your feet. When you play in basketball shoes for the first time, blisters may develop if they are too tight right now.

Your basketball sneakers only need to be broken in once. Spend ten to fifteen minutes engaging in light exercise, such as strolling through a mall. Then run about for an additional five minutes while wearing ankle braces or high-top basketball socks.

You should be fine to go if you do this before putting them on again for a practice or game. After breaking them in, they will feel much more comfortable and gradually take the shape of your foot. It will be worth the wait, especially if playing in new shoes causes you pain or blisters.

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