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  • What is a Brick in Basketball

    Are you curious as to what a “brick” in basketball means? We’ll explain what it means in this article and also show you some of the worst bricks ever made. You may not feel as awful the next time you miss a shot after seeing some of these tremendous bricks. What is a Brick in […]

  • Loose Ball Foul in Basketball

    You have undoubtedly heard the announcers refer to a “loose ball foul” if you watch basketball on television, whether it be NCAA or NBA games. If it wasn’t on television, you might have heard a referee make the decision during a game. An accurate definition of a loose ball foul You are not alone if […]

  • basketball illegal screen

    The illegal screen is a frequent offensive foul that I witness frequently; many of us find it difficult to comprehend why the call was made during the screen. The majority of us are unaware that there are multiple justifications for an unlawful screen. What does a basketball illegal screen entail? A screen that prevents the […]

  • What is The Paint in Basketball

    Did you know that for the 2021–22 NBA season, the Memphis Grizzlies are averaging 58 points in the paint per game? That is the best in the NBA, and it greatly contributes to the Grizzlies’ ability to advance far in the playoffs. Memphis just has a talent for finding open shots close to the basket. […]

  • why are basketball players tall

    Did you know that a basketball player in the NBA is typically 6 feet 6 inches tall? That is nine inches taller than the typical American male (5 feet 9 inches). We’ll explore the potential causes of this startling disparity in height between basketball players and the general population. Here is a brief justification. Why […]

  • eyes on basketball

    It was quite difficult for me to hold my head up while learning how to dribble, as I recall. Every young player experiences that as they are learning. The good news for me was that I persisted in overcoming this problem until it came naturally. As a result, my game really improved. However, in a […]

  • how to break in basketball shoes

    It’s exciting to purchase new basketball shoes. Many basketball players are eager to start breaking in their new shoes on the court straight away. The issue is that the shoes arrive directly from the factory and spend weeks or even months in a package. You may break in basketball sneakers by using them for 10 […]

  • dropping dimes

    I recall hearing the term “dropping dimes” for the first time while watching an NBA game. The Utah Jazz’s legendary point guard John Stockton was racking up a ton of assists on his stat sheet. According to the announcers, Stockton was throwing quarters to every member of his team. In basketball, what does it signify […]

  • why do basketball player wear mask

    When an NBA player starts wearing a mask, they become the center of attention. We frequently ponder, “why do basketball player wear mask ?” It simply seems too uncomfortable to play in. Why do NBA players don masks? In order to protect their previously injured nose or face, players wear masks. The mask works similarly […]

  • full court basketball drills

    Basketball players seldom forget the effective full court press that their team used to secure a decisive victory. My thoughts are constantly brought back to that high school basketball game, when we used our press defense to force four straight errors and mount a late-game comeback of 12 points. I always stress doing full court […]